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Sep. 11th, 2014

susan richards

Fairy Tail fics just read and digested

Far Longer than Forever by BonnyQ
The Happiest Days of Our Lies by randomteenagers
The Dragon's Ward by au reoir pets
The Princess And The Pirate by LeeSup
Sexy Draco

Stories never end

When a story ends, it doesn't really end end. The writer may put a period at the end and say in the author's endnote: "That's it. This is how it ends and now, don't ask me for anymore." In the writer's mind, as well as the reader's mind, there are infinite possibilities still churning and spinning around the axis. The writers stop writing their story because maybe, they are exhausted of the same old characters and same old setting, they want a new change of pace. They are probably a little less unenthusiastic about their own work after a while than say the 5,000+ readers who did read it and want to see more more and just a bit more.
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It's a classic symptom all readers are struck with. Some chose to ignore the burning passion in their heart and step forward to another book, show or film. Others are so crazy about the story, they just want to see their hero or heroine in all kinds of situations. Take Harry Potter, for example: For me, Harry, this ordinary, unappreciated boy who turned out to be a wizard and the Chosen One in one full day and then, went on to defeat the Dark Lord (with the help of his awesome friends), becoming the most well-liked boy in the Wizarding world had endless possibilities ahead of him. I would like to know how one day, he got so drunk, he didn't remember what happened yesterday but he, for the first time maybe, had a one night stand. Maybe, I'd like to know about how Hermione's faring now that she's all grown up and can act on the compassionate causes she's cared so much about. And Malfoy, most of all. Because in the book and the film, he was an annoying pain in the neck but by the last book, you kinda realized he's not as dickish as you thought. So, I wanted to see how he would transition (or if he would go through a transition at all) from this prideful boy to the Malfoy we saw 19 years later in the technical end of the story.
There's so much the mainstream writers can't write. In comics of nowadays, you see how they err to the side of caution and go with same-old, same-old. Like the time continuum mishaps, the imminent world-rescuing priorities, the betrayals (oh the betrayals). In the aftermath of all the chaos and battles (that don't actually conclude anything before some other dramatic thing happens) is all good and exciting but what about those domestic, little things we all enjoy. Like, what do the heroes do on their time-out? And oh, the possibilities of just thinking about it gives me the jitters. I'm excited to imagine those scenarios in my mind but it's not the same thing as writing it out and having a good idea become into this big thing that the whole community can enjoy. It's satisfying and yet, frustrating because you just want more.
I recently watched the Indigo League of Pokemon and it wasn't as enlightning because when I was a child, Butterfree leaving Ash had been so sad that I cried like a baby and this time, I kinda wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of team rocket, the sequential way each episode ended with a resolution (in most cases), and the narrator trying to make us learn a lesson that seemed like a given. I liked the movies much better, in the end. Emotional, fast, conflicts-after-conflicts that culminate into a big bang and then, a nice, sweet resolution. But that didn't mean I didn't enjoy watching the episodes. Some were really fun. Some were meh. Through all of this, I had been informed that even after 17 seasons, competing in at least 4 leagues (Indigo, Orange, Johto, Sinnoh), Ash is still 10 years old. I was shocked. I was like, "So, this is a money-maker show that kids love to watch so, making Ash grow up is not in the interest of the consumer business, right?"
We want progression in our story. We want to see our heroes take steps toward being better, learning hard lessons and then, finally becoming a man or woman of stature. But some people may want to see their heroes as unchangable and unfallable and I guess, Ash is that kind-of hero. So, I'll leave the show to be watched by kids who aspire to be pokemon masters in their own imagination instead of being frustrated that they probably won't get to see a Ash/Misty reunion. When those two oblivious idiots are both grown-up and willing to set aside their foolmongery to admit that they kinda always had a thing for each other, I would be a happy chipmunk. Since that show isn't changing so far, I had to find solace in the imagination of the fans around me.
Yes, fans have skewed perceptions of their heroes and heroines and in making their twist possible, they make some characters look bad and some look good. It's all part of the process. It's their interpretation on page. It's okay. I know fans feel bad for making their character Out Of Character but that's what writing a story is about. When you write, you may have no intention of making a character say the things that they do when all the writing mania is done, but that's what the story leads to. You can't help it. Every person has their own brand of writing style, taste, interest, and knowledge. They can't all be encyclopedia geeks who know all the big words and all the ways to use language in a good way. It's hard. And knowing a character you read about or watched on tv doesn't make you able to guess their every thought (unless you're reading from the first-person narrative) to every unbelievable situation that fate decides to slam you over with. And it's not like we wanted heroes just the way they were written. Sometimes, I'd watch ten seasons worth of one character and realize the blandness of their every action. They had a pattern and by six seasons, it fell flat and there was no resonance to their feelings on my end. At one point, you go: "Hey, do something new, you idiot!"
The greatest thing is, you don't have to feel guilty about making them act like how you want them to act because they're fictional characters and they're used to being pulled along by the strings of the puppetmaster. No writer, not one of them is God or the Ultimate Truth. You can make Naruto act like a totally girly priss (and that is the most nauseating interpretation of Naruto, in my opinion) and it wouldn't be wrong. It would just feel really, really wrong.

Jul. 12th, 2014

Harry is thinking of Draco real

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My tumblr URL: www.femaletodd.tumblr.com
 it's more fun there
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It's been two years and I'm back to lj for a while. Nothing has changed. I still have no idea how most of lj works and no motivation to try.
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hot and current news announcement: I've found the perfect OTP and it's Oliver/Felicity in Arrow, the CW tv show. I also, went through an obsessive stage of love for Steve/Tony from the marvel comics and the movie, The Avengers. I found myself falling for all Robins and Batgirls but Jason Todd, most of all. I read Marvel comic crossovers  and still intend to catch up with it if it's interesting to me. I intend to watch the Flash, the tv show coming this fall. Barry Allen is so cute, dear lord.
i don't read as many fanfics these days because I think I've read so many that all follow the same trajectory that I can't read it without sighing to myself. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't still rare gems to be yet discovered but I've pushed that aside to watch tv shows and movies I always intended to watch but never did.
I just watched Despicable Me 2 and laughed so much. I liked that we saw more of the minions this time around. It was a thousands times better because of them.
Next is how to train your dragon 2 and then... Batman begins, maybe? 22 jump street and xmen: days of the future past are next in line. I also, will watch some Indian movies like Queen and Aashique (with the sequel). Before summer ends, I hope to be finished with a lot of things so, I don't get preoccupied with them when in the middle of studying for my exams.
this time, it actually matters if I try hard cause' this is a university and they have larger expectations. Not just for studying but of you as a member of society. I may have to join clubs. Uuuuughhh.
I'll just have to keep repeating "try" in my head like all the time. I'm not being a drama queen when is say I suck at social situations. My brain is just not made to listen to others when they're talking to me. Sometimes I suspect I have Attention Deficient Disorder but how am I to know for sure? Not by an online questionnaire, I tell you.

Jul. 20th, 2012

Sexy Draco

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Jul. 8th, 2012

Sexy Draco

Cherik fics I may read

The Winter of Banked Fires
A Tale of Two Charles
Cause And Effect
The Bawd and the John
Sexy Draco

Erik/Charles fanfictions I love

Rubber Duck!Verse
Skin Deep
Good Boys
What Not To Expect When You're Not Expecting
Sexy Draco

NaruSasu fanfictions I love

Fox Magic
Embracing Dreams
Moon Snare
Demons Have The Most Fun: A Cautionary Tale
It Started Over Coffee

Mar. 1st, 2012

Sexy Draco

edit: read!

Chaos War by astolat

Asgard's lay in kinkmeme

In plain sight by dreamlittleyo

Flowers on the Sand by jeza_red

we spent our darkest days howling at the night by lifeascloud

Whipping Boy by Moiraine

Of Right and Rituals by Moiraine

more will be added...

Feb. 28th, 2012

Sexy Draco


Annnnndd, I have found another OTP. This one is quite in resemblance with Yin & Yang, which if you don't yet know, is my favorite sense of pairing. Yes, it's reality that people whose personality and demographic characteristics tend to have long-lasting, companionable relationships.
Yet, what I find the hottest is when the light can' live without the dark and the dark can't live without the light.\


Thor kinkmeme
on LJ

Thorki recs
by indigogrim

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